From the orchard to your home

From the orchard to your home

All the flavor and quality in your recipes

100% Natural raw material

Welcome to Conservas La Orquidea

In Conservas La Orquidea we continue to grow and change with you, so this page we want to show who we are and what we do, pursuing one goal: to help you with the highest quality.


We prioritize the relationship with the client, corresponding to a continuous process of collaboration and constant information from the request for information to shipping product, which provides the required results and expected benefit.


Through our website we provide a channel to help us improve all collaborative processes. And so we want to share with your comments or suggestions.
Thanks for visiting us.

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Angel g la orquidea

Chef Angel G.´s Kitchen

Get to know the best recipes from chef Ángel G. with homemade products from La Orquídea.

Product catalog

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