Artichoke productive process

Harvesting the artichoke

Years ago the plant was kept for up to 10 years, but today commercial plantations are renewed every year or every 2 years.


The harvesting season goes from autumn to spring. It usually begins in autumn (from the month of November), and can last throughout the winter.

Collection is staggered

The edible part corresponds to the thick green yolks that can be consumed both fresh and, especially in winter, canned.


Artichoke harvesting usually ends in the Mediterranean area during the month of May, reaching a yield of 12- 18 Tn / ha.


Experience and innovation at customer service

Experience has taught us to appreciate and value the need for innovation. We have invested in technological means and the degree of professionalism of our employees provides the best results in the canned final product. Children of Jose Gomariz Lopez have consolidated their leading position in the market.


Our production capacity with our own brand and private label has made us a benchmark in the canned artichoke and tomato canning sector. To this we add the high quality of our products, synonymous with excellence for consumers.

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