Elaboration process Artichoke

Hijos de Jose Gomariz Lopez has incorporated the latest technology to bring it to the service of tradition and quality.

In addition to selecting the ingredients carefully and individually, then we subject them to rigorous quality controls in our plants in El Raal.

After washing processes and refrigerated, proceed to handling material in a careful, quick and neat. Finally, the packaging process includes control processes closing and sealing of the containers, control sterilizations, control and laboratory incubations.

Each type of product requires some treatment processes and packaging different but in each case, we guide the desire to offer the best products, either fresh or preserved, and stringent quality control criteria.

Our packaging respect tradition and ensure high levels of quality enhancing an authentic natural flavor of the products.


Artichoke picking:

For years the plant had up to 10 years, but today commercial plantations are renewed every year or every 2 years.

The harvest season runs from autumn to spring. Usually it started in autumn (from November), being able to extend throughout the winter.


Picking is staggered:

The edible part corresponds to the thick green buds that can be consumed both fresh and, especially in winter, preserved.

Artichokes collection usually ends in the Mediterranean area during the month of May, reaching yields 12-18 tons / ha.